St Georges upset Eaglesvale

Final Score St Georges 1 – 0 Eaglesvale

“It’s going to be a tough game and being against Eaglesvale we expect it to be scrappy.That’s how they get points.” said Iain De-Grandhomme of St Georges shortly before their match at St Georges College. Clad in their red kit the Saints first team ran on to park first and and as if to symbolize that they were coming in peace the Eaglesvale first team ran on minutes later dressed in their white Malik branded attire.Being the first game of the season, the teams would use it to size each other up.

Once on the park Eaglesvale looked very confident in the first few minutes of the first half. They were probably riding on their wave of good foam that they displayed down south in Cape Town during their pre-season tour. As the game progressed St Georges gained more
control and stationed in Eaglesvale’s half but R. Chivasa did well in defence to keep the scores level at nil all. In the twenty third minute a brilliant run from the rookie W.Gonde forced St Georges to concede a short corner whose clearance had the St Georges
bench shouting “Pull Shot!” due to the manor in which it was executed by T.Maswi of Saints to deny Eaglesvale one of the two goals predicted earlier by Simba Chikava the Eaglesvale Captain. The teams went for their half time break with the scores tied at nil

In the second half, St Georges captain R. Wallbridge looked more determined to lead his saints to victory and kept the Eaglesvale defence under immense pressure with his elusive runs on the left wing. Nonetheless the St Georges strikers failed to capitalise on a couple of clearcut chances created by Wallbridge.

Last Minute

With only one defender and the goalie to beat F. Kanyangarara lost control due to what he believed was a foul against him, complained about the umpire’s decision and deservedly got sin binned.

F. Kanyangarara: Sin Binned

Seconds before stoppage time T.Maswi drove home a late winner for St Georges and had his crowd on their feet again. Wallbrigde believes there is more to come from his team as they are showing signs of improvement and starting to play more as a unit.


Lomagundi thrashed Hellenic three goals to one in a one sided encounter, with Sean Kadya
celebrating his first brace of the season.

Prince Edward was disappointed after Churchhill did not turn up for their match at Prince Edward School.

St Johns played Peterhouse at Peterhouse. Despite being in control for the entire first half Peterhouse lost two goals to one. Alistair Macleod of St Johns is one guy to look out for, he wrecked havoc in Peterhouse’s half.