Stanbic Rugby League Round 8 Results

St Georges in Stanbic Rugby League Fixture

Stanbic Rugby League

St Georges College continued their good run of foam to extend their lead at the top of the Stanbic Rugby League log in a one-sided encounter against the Bisons of Lomagundi College. City rivals Prince Edward and St John’s College played in a grueling Harare derby were the Tiger emerged victors over the defiant Rams. A total of eight yellow card were issued on Saturday, raising a number of questions on the discipline of the boys..


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First Teams

CBC 10 – 66 Churchill

Falcon 21 – 5 Kyle

Lomagundi 12 – 74 St George’s

Prince Edward 18 – 8 St John’s


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Second Teams

CBC 12 – 27 Churchill

Falcon 39 – 12 Kyle

Lomagundi 5 – 42 St George’s

Prince Edward 10 – 20 St John’s


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Under 16’s

CBC 5 – 17 Churchill

Falcon 33 – 14 Kyle

Lomagundi 0 – 55 St George’s

Prince Edward 26 – 23 St John’s


Peterhouse College is not appearing in the results list as they had a bye.