U19 Cricket World Cup:Another Four Wicket Haul for Zimbabwe’s Musoko

After a great start against Namibia at the U19 Cricket World Cup, the boys’ performance eased off in a loss against England in Zimbabwe’s last warm-up match played at the WEP Harris Oval In Brisbane.

England captain Adam Ball won the toss and chose to bat first. The opening batsmen posed no threat to Zimbabwe with Sam Wood walking off the park at WEP Harris Oval in Brisbane after facing only two balls with no runs. Alex Davies of England was dismissed with seven runs to his name after facing sixteen deliveries. Middle order batsman Brett Hutton put on a superb performance for the english scoring fifty-five runs off sixty-six balls. In a repeat of yesterday’s performance Cuthbert Musoko’s four wicket haul helped Zimbabwe see England all out for two hundred and twenty runs with two balls to go.

Having chased a target of one hundred and eighty runs with much ease yesterday, Zimbabwe set out with the confidence and zeal for a great victory but the batsmen struggled to find their feet at the crease. Nyasha Mayavo high scored with twenty-one runs off forty-six balls. The pressure to score high must have troubled the boys hence they tried to knock the ball up and away resulting in six of Zimbabwe’s dismissals coming through catches. In 35.2 overs Zimbabwe managed to score eighty runs all out, losing to England by one hundred and thirty-one runs.

The Zimbabwe Cricket U19 team has never progressed beyond the fifth place play-off, a feat achieved in 2006. The technical team and the boys will now regroup in preparation for their tournament opener on Saturday at Endeavour Park in Townsville hoping to better 2006’s performance.  Zimbabwe’s opponents in the opener Papua New Guinea lost by 8 wickets in their last warm-up match against Pakistan.

Download the Zimbabwe-England Score Card Here

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Image Credits ICC/Matt Roberts