Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7’s Take To Development : Press Release

Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7s Rugby- Serving the Community

Baker’s Inn and the Zimbabwe 7s Rugby  team will be launching an initiative on Wednesday 16th January, to promote the sport in local junior schools, over the next 6 months. The Zimbabwe 7s Rugby  team, known as the SPAR Cheetahs, were voted as ‘National Team of the Year’ at the National Sports Awards in 2012. The SPAR Cheetahs will work with Baker’s Inn to introduce the game to grade 6 and grade 7 pupils. The 6 month program is tailored around the team’s journey to the Rugby  World Cup in Moscow  at the end of June this year, with the view of leaving a ‘legacy’ for years to come.

Baker’s Inn have a strong record of supporting sporting programs at a junior level within the country. Recently Baker’s Inn have successfully  supported junior development initiatives for soccer and netball through the Bakers Inn Superior League programme (2010)  and  are currently  funding the Cricket Schools of Excellence programme being run by Zimbabwe Cricket with Chipembere Primary School in High?eld. Zimbabwe 7s Rugby  on the other hand, have identi?ed the development of rugby  talent in Zimbabwe as a priority  in 2012 / 2013. With rugby 7s growing in popularity all round the world as well as the sport’s inclusion in the Olympics, there is a keen focus on growing the popularity of the sport in Zimbabwe.

With Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7s Rugby sharing a common interest, the program seeks to have a very positive impression on the children participating in the program. Over the course of the program, Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7s Rugby will reach more than 900 children. During the 6 months the Zimbabwe 7s team will coach children, donate playing equipment to schools and identify  talent for the future.

The talent that is identi?ed will then be further nurtured with more intensive coaching sessions at training camps at the end of each month. With the strong support of Baker’s Inn, Zimbabwe 7s Rugby will look to produce the next generation of rugby talent, with children who may  not have had such opportunities. One outcome that is certainly going to take place is, Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7s Rugby  will provide enjoyment to a number of children over the next 6 months!