Sevens Legacy Program Launched In Harare

The Baker’s Inn Legacy program was launched successfully this afternoon at Tafara High School in Harare. The program which is being run by the SPAR Cheetahs and Innscor, through their Baker’s Inn brand is set to benefit more than 600 pupils in the Mabvuku/Tafara area. Present at the launch were the SPAR Cheetahs who will be conducting the training sessions every Wednesday until they leave for the IRB Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow,Russia later this year. The first training session ran today with kids from Donnybrook Primary School being introduced to Sevens Rugby. Schools from the Mabvuku/Tafara area will each make their way to Tafara High School for the practice sessions on set dates as the school has been set as the base for the program.

Frontrow managed to exchange a few words with Brighton Mazarura (Baker’s Inn Brand Manager) at the launch.

FR: Congratulations to you on the successful launch of the Baker’s Inn Legacy Program.

B.Mazarura: Thank you very much.

FR: What exactly are you hoping to achieve with the Legacy Program?

B.Mazarura: The background of the program is that we are targeting junior development of sport with a particular emphasis in the high density areas where resources might lack. Basically we are looking at grass-roots development of rugby with the hope that the sport will catch on and we will be able produce future stars that will feed into national teams. That is really our main thrust.

FR: Speaking of resources, has Baker’s Inn done anything to provide playing kit and equipment for our future stars?

B.Mazarura: Yes as you can see the kids are kitted in Baker’s Inn t-shirts. At the end of every training session we will donate things like balls, training equipment, everything that we are using here now we will donate to the school so that even long after we leave we perpetuate that legacy for wanting to play rugby so yes we are donating equipment to every school that we touch in the next six months.

FR: Why did you pick Mabvuku as your starting point?

B.Mazarura: If we look at various sporting activities, speaking as Baker’s Inn you will notice that in some areas we have been able to touch on other sports. Highfield for example, we are sponsoring the Chipembere Primary School cricket team. So in terms of junior development we are already there with a different sport but I believe we have not been really able to cover areas like this one hence we caught on to the idea of coming to Mabvuku. We are looking at all the high density areas as the program progresses into next year.

FR: Are we looking at other cities as well or this is confined to Harare?

B.Mazarura: Obviously, this being the pilot we will assess the impact and the success of the program but yes our vision is to insure that we spread such initiatives countrywide because that is where our market is. Our market is national and we believe everything that we do should be national as well.

FR: Of the boys and girls being introduced to Sevens rugby here is there a chance that some of them will get bursaries and scholarships to go to some of the traditional rugby playing schools?

B.Mazarura: True, that is one of the aims actually. We will be getting reports from the coaches and Zimbabwe rugby and our aim as the initiative progresses into next year and thereafter is to set up an academy at one of the playing schools such that all the kids we identify here have their fees paid and are put into feeder school where they stay as a team and develop in their rugby.

FR: Wish you all the best in the coming six months and beyond.

B.Mazarura: Thank you very much.