Basketball: Gateway Suffer Greatest Defeat to Churchill Ever

Age Group: 1st Team    Teams: Gateway vs Churchill    Venue: Gateway     Date:  Wed 30 January 2013

The introduction of rookie Wesley Mushakwe in the third quarter breathed some life back into Gateway’s attack with the lad taking a couple of perfect shots from outside the key. Nonetheless it was a case of a little to late as the Churchill boys ran away with it to claim a 53-34 victory away from home.

Gateway enjoyed great support from early on in the day, great turnout by the students which was expected as they where playing at home. A long tunnel and some loud singing characterized the opening moments of the game. Living up to expectations, the physical Adam Okore scored first for the home side off a Manase assist. Churchill regrouped and managed to slow the home team down in defence but in doing so found themselves in foul trouble way too early in the game. Luckily for the boys from Nigel Phillip Avenue, Gateway’s shooting off the line was not on point at all. As the home team seemed to tire, the Churchill boys seemed to be getting more energy. The first time-out of the day was called by Gateway with the hosts trailing 7-10. Sleek, clean passes characterized Churchill’s play, it looked like netball. Moving the ball from baseline to baseline with no bounce at all, and with such plays the finish is somewhat automatic. Going into the break the score-board read 32-16 in favor of the visitors.

The third and fourth quarter saw a lot of changes from both sides but for very different reasons. Churchill was enjoying a ten-point plus lead hence they could give everyone on the bench a run, the hosts managed to do the same but it was all in search of a working  combination upfront. The final score favored the visitors with Gateway registering their greatest loss against the Eastlea based side.

Earlier on in the day, the basketball league fixture’s calendar caused a bit of confusion as St Georges where turned back on their way to Gateway School after learning that Churchill was already there for the same fixture. Clearly, this needs immediate attention as it makes fulfillment of fixtures an expensive endeavor.