The Legacy Continues: Baker’s Inn Legacy Program Update

Baker’s Inn and Zimbabwe 7s Rugby continued their legacy program in Mabvuku on Wednesday the 30th of January. The program was attended by 46 children from Tafara Primary 1. Five of the Zimbabwe Cheetahs squad and two of the team’s coaching staff were on hand to coach the kids. The coaching started just after 3 pm and was complete by 4:15pm.

Each kid was given a Baker’s Inn t-shirt, loaf of bread, a penny cool and hopefully a memory of an enjoyable day of rugby. Tafara Primary School 1 was then left with 6 new rugby balls and a task of welcoming the South African team to the Zimbabwe 7s Tournament on Friday the 8th March.

One pleasing development that took place during the coaching session, was kids from Batanai and Donnybrook Primary School arriving at the facility accompanied by their school teachers to practice their skills and play their rugby. This is a great revelation that was not promoted, but rather ‘took place’. This suggests the ‘LEGACY’ of the Baker’s Inn program has started.

Next week the program will be welcoming Tafara Primary 5 to the program. Zimbabwe 7s Rugby will be assisting Tafara High to cut their field and would like to paint the rugby poles,
possibly the following week.