Gona Troubles Eaglesvale…..Again!

Age Group: 1st Team  Teams: Eaglesvale vs St Johns Venue: Eaglesvale   Date: Fri 2 February 2013

It was not the best of days for Valians at Eaglesvale yesterday afternoon as they faced off against St Johns College in a basketball league fixture that ended 51-33. Right from the start the hosts, Eaglesvale were never in it and with only two minutes of the game played they were down eight points to zero.

The “fly-half” Rukudzo Gona of St Johns College, playing attacking forward this time, thoroughly tormented Eaglesvale with his drives into the arc. Basic but sure lay-ups against the very cautious defence saw him contribute 14 points to his team’s total. Things where going to be a lot easier for Eaglesvale had he only troubled them under the hoop. Instead he did so in defence as well intercepting what looked like game changing passes and throwing them down the court, creating more scoring opportunities for his team hence widening the gap between the two sides. When the defence managed to stop the “fly-half” from driving into the arc he became more lethal scoring a couple of three-point shots from outside the arc.

Barnabas Simende came of the bench for Eaglesvale and he changed the tempo of the game, managing to force the boys from Rolf Valley to commit more in defence and in doing so they found themselves in foul trouble. Six assists from Simende saw Eaglesvale  reduce their point deficit and by the end of the third quarter the scoreboard read 47-29 in favour of the visitors. This gave the home crowd a bit to cheer about but that was short-lived as Gona was reintroduced to torment the hosts more with great vision, powerful drives towards the hoop and unbelievable jumps in defence to secure it for his team.

It wasn’t all bleak for Eaglesvale as they also hosted Roosevelt for a rugby fixture. Girls rugby. They commanded the course of the game, crossing the try-line five times while Roosevelt only managed to do the same once. Two of Eaglesvale’s tries were converted taking the full time score to 29 – 5.

On the court next to the boys’ one, Eaglesvale was playing another game of basketball against Dominican Convent. This one kept the crowd on the edges of their seats as the two teams exchanged baskets through out the encounter. Two free throws separated put the visitors up in the last moments of the game and they took the game away. Final score was 25-24.