Schools Sevens Day 1 Wrap

The Spar and Lion Lager International sevens tournament kicked off this afternoon at Harare Sports Club with the school boys as the opening act. In the table below are the results for the day.

13:00 A1 VS A2 SJC vs EAGLESVALE  10-5
13:20 B1 VS B2 CHURCHILL vs HELLENIC 19 – 17
13:40 A3 VS A4 MBARE vs VAINONA  31-7
14:00 B3 VS B4 PE vs MABVUKU 22 -5
14:20 A1 VS A3 SJC vs MBARE 7 -22
14:40 B1 VS B3 CHURCHILL vs PE 15 -10
15:00 A2 VS A4 EAGLESVALE vs VAINONA 49 -0
15:20 B2 VS B4 HELLENIC vs MABVUKU  50-0
15:40 A1 VS A4 SJC vs VAINONA 19 -5
16:00 B1 VS B4 CHURCHILL vs MABVUKU 47 -7
16:20 A3 VS A2 MBARE vs EAGLESVALE 10 -19
16:40 B3 VS B2 PE vs HELLENIC 12 -7
Sean Mwayera
Sean Mwayera of Eaglesvale evades defence on his way to score a try against Mbare Academy at the Spar International 7s tourney.



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