Zimbabwe Swimming Team For CANA 2013

Zimbabwe will take part in the 2013 edition of the Cana Championship in Zambia . The championships run from the 25th to the 28th of April 2013. The list of boys and girls will represent Zimbabwe at this event and hopefully they will bag a number of medals for the country.

11/12 Girls
11/12 Boys
Hollie Stander
Melissa Watt
Dayna Bond
Shamiso Gambe
Bruce Chiang
Jordan Cowley
Jamie Cawood
Lance Annandale
13/14 Girls
13/14 Boys
Courtney McAllister
Rutendo Maruta
Sahnya Abdulla
Takudzwa Nyamutsamba
Liam Davis
Brendon Cyprianos
Ryan Rusch
15/16 Girls
15/16 Boys
Lorna Doorman
Natasha Lawson
Cerise Dingaswayo
Sarah Hawgood
Natasha Rusch
Ashby Tink
Alistair White
Gabriel Joseph
Kurt Steiner
Sean Edwards
17/Over Girls
17/Over Boys
Kim Bellringer
Misty Batchelor
Natalie de Chassart
Andy Cyprianos
Andrew John Stambolie