Zimbabwe Junior Swim Team Ready For CANA 2013

The Zimbabwe team of 30 swimmers is in full preparation for the gala which kicks off on 25th of April in Lusaka, Zambia.Swimmers are training with their own coaches although the tour coaches, Mairead Goncalves and Les Tomlinson, are available.

Swimmers will be meeting in Harare on Tuesday the  23rd April to travel by bus to Lusaka. It is hoped that whole team will perform well and, as this is a team competition, boost the points total for Zimbabwe over the course of the Competition. More than half of the swimmers going to the gala have never participated in a CANA event, so this will be a huge experience for them all.

Captaining the team is Natalie de Chassart for the girls and Andrew-John Stambolie for the boys.

Team travelling to Lusaka, Zambia

11/12 Girls 11/12 Boys
Holie Stander
Melissa Watt
Dayna Bond
Shamiso Gambe
Bruce Chiang
Jordan Cowley
Jamie Cawood
Lance Annandale
13/14 Girls 13/14 Boys
Courtney McAllister
Rutendo Maruta
Sahynna Abdulla
Takudswa Nyamutsamba
Liam Davis
Brendon Cyprianos
Ryan Rusch
15/16 Girls 15/16 Boys
Lorna Doorman
Natasha Lawson
Cerise Dingiswayo
Sarah Hawgwood
Natasha Rusch
Ashby Tink
Alistair White
Gabriel Joseph
Kurt Steiner
Sean Edwards
17/Over Girls 17/Over Boys
Kim Bellringer
Misty Batchelor
Natalie de Chassart
Andy Cyprianos
Andrew-John Stambolie

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