Face to Face With David Ross-Stally

You can tell the mark of a fine player simply by watching how they can change and control any game they are a part of. They need not take the leading role by covertly they are the driving force of the success of any team they are a part of. David Ross-Stally is one such pedigree soccer player.

St Georges College easily beat Westridge High School in a one sided match at home. The match was one sided but the highlight of the match wasn’t the score-line, it was the manner in which the Saints operated. Ross-Stally, our main man of the moment, by the fifth minute he had made three attempts at goal scoring with his first attempt.

In a mature fashion he scored another goal twenty minutes later and was deserving of a hat-trick if he had been given the chance to take the penalty shot in the second half. When we asked the nimble footed ball distributor who his inspirational figure in football is he said: “I know this may sound like a cliché but I really admire Christiano Ronaldo.”

He isn’t too far from getting to where his hero is, but he should have added a few more names to his mentor list. The boy turns the final line of defence just like Fernando Torres (during his Liverpool reign). Ross-Stally sub-consciously transforms into a matching Saints version of Ronaldinho, when the Saints are on the prawl he will dictate the pace of the game. With remarkable ease he tends to hold the ball in the face of defenders draws the resistance and flicks and distributes with pin point accuracy. Then of course he shoots a bit like his beloved CRV, seems to believe he draws the same eye-catching looks, but that’s another topic.

We were keen to know how far he would like to take his football given the chance to take it on as a career.

“Straight to the top,” he said in a higher confident pitch. “The premier league obviously, but the English premier league. I would like to play for Zimbabwe but Zimbabwe soccer is not serious.”

“Hopefully if soccer can get me to varsity I would like to go to America to play and study there.”

Besides his high school swagger appeal Ross-Stally says the coolest thing about him which differentiates him from everyone else on the soccer field is: “Everyone can hear me on the pitch because I like to be vocal and I always talk to my team. I like an easy type of play and easy game. [Today] I wasn’t trying to push for a hat-trick but it was on the cards but I was relaxed in the second half.”