Inter-Cities Hockey: Pools Drawn

The draw for the Inter-Cities hockey tournament was conducted on Saturday at the just ended Mark Manolios Hockey Festival. Fidelis Majuba of Falcon College lead the draw in full view of the various coaches and officials that attended ┬áthe cocktail party that Eaglesvale threw for it’s guests.

Tim Middleton of Gateway, the headmaster in charge of schoolboy hockey was present during the draw as well as Naison Tirivai the headmaster of Eaglesvale and the patron for the festival, Mark Manolios. Of the sixteen teams that will play for honours at the Khumalo Hockey Stadium only one was not represented during the draw – Lomagundi College.

The top four teams based on performance from the last two years were placed in each of the four groups. St John’s College is the top seed in Group A while Peterhouse Boys is in Group B. The top seeds in Group C and D are Falcon College and Hippo Valley respectively.

As determined by the draw Prince Edward, South Eastern College and Midlands Christian College will join St John’s College in Group A. Group B will comprise of Peterhouse Boys, St George’s College, Petra and Hellenic. Falcon will be joined in Group C by Lomagundi, Eaglesvale and Gateway. Watershed College, Milton and Christian Brothers College will face Hippo Valley in Group D.

All group matches at the tournament will be 22 and half minutes each half but the cup semi-finals and finals will see the boys stay on the field for 25 minutes each half.

The tournament will kick-off on Friday, 1 May at midday. The last game on Friday commences at 7 pm. On Saturday, 2 May games begin at 8 am and the cup final will be played at 7.30 pm.