And The Dragons – Kings Rivalry Goes On

The rivalry does not stay on the field...
One of the tweets in celebration of Maravanyika’s and Matshe’s exploits

Maravanyika and Matshe of Peterhouse Boys scored crucial goals in their 2-1 win against St George’s College yesterday at Peterhouse Boys. The hosts emerged victors yesterday but the rivalry between the two boys’ schools is only getting started for this term.

The two schools where at each others necks as well during the athletics season exchanging first place finishes at various meets. Peterhouse were dealt a blow at the Cottco Schools Rugby Festival suffering a 31 – 18 to defeat but restored their pride by winning 2-1 in their opening hockey encounter.

Peterhouse Boys’ win on Wednesday gives them an upper hand but there are still a few fixtures to be played this term with the major one being their rugby super league clash set for June 15 on Weaver Field at St George’s College.