Eaglesvale Wins The Silver Girls Plate

A great come-back pulled Eaglesvale through to a 2-1 victory against Chisipite Senior School B in the Silver Girls final match played at Arundel school on Saturday 27 July.

Eaglesvale has been struggling to find their rhythm this season and that is why their squad found themselves playing the Silver Girls edition of the Golden Girls Hockey tournament. Nonetheless the girls from Willowvale gave their all, holding off Heritage in the semi-finals, only to progress to the final after a shoot-off which Eaglesavale won 1-0. A few weeks back Eaglesvale lost 4-0 to Heritage during a season game.vale

Despite being a second team, the squad fielded by Chisipite was capable of winning against Eaglesvale on any day but more than skill was needed to win the plate. True to their mission, the Chisipite second team struck first blood early in the encounter but a determined Eaglesvale side kept their heads up. Two beautifully struck goals did it for Eaglesvale.

The Eaglesvale team manager, Julia Chibhabha, was ecstatic over the win. “I could have danced on the field but I contained myself,” Chibhabha told frontrowzim.com after the match. Chibhabha is the first manager to win a main award at the Golden Girls tournament with Eaglesvale since the inception of the tournament. “This is something we really wanted and a great confidence booster for the girls. The girls deserved it,” Chibhabha continued.

Jumping for joy
Jumping for joy

Watershed finished the tournament in third place ahead of Heritage in fourth place. In fifth place was Peterhouse second team and Arundel second team was in sixth place. Bulawayo Convent finished seventh followed by St John’s High School in eighth place, while Westridge was placed ninth. Cornway withdrew from the tournament hence they were placed tenth.