Hellenic Academy Overpowers St John’s College

Hellenic Academy rounded off a good day in the pool with a win over St John’s College. The visitors posted a 7-6 victory over the hosts, St John’s, in the last match of the day played at St John’s College on Saturday afternoon.

Bruce Bell was particularly productive for Hellenic in front of goal, as he gave his team an early advantage with some well-placed shots at goal. Bell however, attributed Hellenic’s win to team work and he was optimistic of what lies ahead. “It was a tough game but we managed to play as a team today. I reckon if we can keep this up we have a very good season lying ahead of us,” said Wells.

The hosts’ Bart Zwart scored some crucial goals in the last quarter of the match to bring down his team’s deficit to one goal, but a come back was not to be as Hellenic proved to be experts in running down the clock.

On another note, St John’s posted the highest score of the day in a match against arch rivals St George’s College. The match ended 11-3 in favour of St John’s College.

Match Results

Team 1 Score Team 2
Hellenic U17A 3 vs 2 St George’s U17A
Hellenic 1st 7 vs 4 Peterhouse 1st
St John’s U17A 8 vs 2 St George’s U17A
Peterhouse 2nd 7 vs 8 Prince Edward 1st
Prince Edward U17 0 vs 4 St John’s U17B
St John’s 1st 11 vs 3 St George’s 1st
St John’s U16 9 vs 4 Chisipite U19
Peterhouse U17A 2 vs 8 Hellenic U17A
St John’s 2nd 4 vs 3 Prince Edward 1st
Peterhouse 1st 3 vs 6 St George’s 1st
St John’s U17A 7 vs 3 Peterhouse U17A
St John’s 2nd 7 vs 3 Peterhouse 2nd
St Johns’s 1st 6 vs 7 Hellenic 1st

Image Credits: Robert Cochrane