Chisipite Girls Claim Own Show

Chisipite Senior School proved to be in a league of their own when they emerged outright victors at a swimming gala they hosted on Saturday 21 September.

The event which kicked off at 13:30 pm was attended by Lomagundi College and Peterhouse Girls from outside the capital. Arundel, Hellenic and Dominican Convent were also part of the competition. A second team fielded by the hosts, brought the total number of teams to six.

The host school dominated most of the events and at the end of the day they were rightly placed first with 399 points, ahead of Peterhouse who had 316 points. Hellenic was placed third with 271 ahead of Dominican Convent who amassed 242 points. Only eight points separated Lomagundi and Arundel, with the former ranking fourth with 208 points. Chisipite’s second team weighed in at position six with 118 points.

Overall, it turned out to be a good afternoon filled with interesting competition and great sportsmanship put on show by all the girls. Chisipite is likely set to continue their domination as the season progresses.


Image credits: Robert Cochrane