Saints Sink Spirited Rams

St George’s College narrowly escaped a second loss against St John’s College this year, winning 54-51 on Friday (October 11) afternoon when they hosted them for a basketball fixture at St George’s College.

A clash between the two teams in whatever discipline is always heated and naturally entertaining. The basketball game was no exception as it lived up to expectation with lots of energy on and off the court.

The hosts ran riot in the game’s opening minutes, putting 12 points on the board while at the same time saving the junior boys manning the scoreboard the work of updating the St John’s score as they kept it at zero. Maybe the St John’s team was overwhelmed by the immense support and chants that kept coming from the Saints supporter’s stand. Whatever it was, St John’s got over it and got themselves on theĀ scoreboard and into the game as well.

An all-round spirited performance from the John’s boys saw them take a one point lead at the death of the first half. With the scoreboard stuck at 28-27 in favour of St John’s during the half-time break, the St John’s stand grew louder, despite having fewer boys.

The third and fourth quarter did not see decline in energy, but as expected tempers flared and the umpires had to stand their ground to keep both teams in check. Throughout the period, the teams exchanged baskets. A Gwenzi three-pointer, scored with only seconds left on the clock drained all the zeal and resolve in the St John’s players and in desperation, they made a couple of unforced errors that might have turned the game on its head.

Disappointment would not be the right word to describe the look that was on the faces of the St John’s boys – it looked more like grief. Tears streamed down a couple of faces, while in contrast the hosts were filled with glee. The umpire’s full-time whistle was the cue for Saints boys to run onto the court for celebrations.

St George’s skipper, Gwenzi was pleased with his boys’ performance. “The rivalry between us and St John’s makes for interesting games, it feels great to pick a win off this one,” Gwenzi told after the match. A dejected Rukudzo Gona did not have a lot of words for us. “I’m stunned, we came here thinking we were going to win, but we gave it our best and that’s what is important,” Gona said.

St John’s skipper, Tadiwa Parirenyatwa commended St George’s for playing better basketball in the first half and for hanging on for the win.

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