Chisipite And Falcon Crowned Champions

Falcon College and Chisipite Senior School claimed the Crusaders and Players Shield respectively at St John’s College on Sunday afternoon. The two-day fest was co-hosted by Chisipite Senior School and St John’s College.

The festival is the oldest school festival in Zimbabwe, having run every year since 1937. Prince Edward has won the shield a total of 28 times but they were not part of this year’s festival as they failed to make the cut in the preliminary tournaments. For the boys Christian Brother’s College was placed sixth behind Peterhouse Boys who were in fifth and St George’s College were fourth. The hosts, St John’s were in third place while Hellenic Academy was second. In the girls category, an invitational team was in fourth place. Hellenic Girls were placed second ahead of Girls College.

Giovanni Fargnoli of Falcon College was awarded the player of the tournament award while Joey Beare of Chisipite Senior School claimed the girls prize.

Results Crusaders And Players Shield 2013
St John’s College – Saturday, 12 October
Peterhouse Boys 2 vs 9 St George’s College
Hellenic Boys 9 vs 11 Falcon College
CBC 5 vs 13 St John’s College
Chisipite Senior 18 vs 2 Invitation Girls
Falcon College 15 vs 6 Peterhouse Boys
St John’s College 6 vs 7 Hellenic Boys
St George’s College 7 vs 9 CBC
Girls College 5 vs 14 Hellenic Girls
Peterhouse Boys 8 vs 18 St John’s College
CBC 7 vs 8 Hellenic Boys
St George’s College 5 vs 14 Falcon College
Hellenic Boys 9 vs 3 Peterhouse Boys
Chisipite Senior School – Saturday, 12 October
Invitation Girls 3 vs 6 Hellenic Girls
Mash U/17 Girls 12 vs 2 Matland U/17 Girls
Chisipite Senior 19 vs 2 Girls College
Falcon College 14 vs 4 CBC
St John’s College 12 vs 5 St George’s College
St John’s College – Sunday, 13 October
Peterhouse Boys 9 vs 7 CBC
Girls College 11 vs 4 Invitation Girls
Hellenic Boys 8 vs 10 St George’s College
Chisipite Senior 15 vs 7 Hellenic Girls
St John’s College 4 vs 8 Falcon College

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