Excellence Reigned Supreme

Half term! Exeat! Fixture free weekend!
To A Level students this is the much needed break before the “life defining” exams begin. What is striking however, about these words, is that most of the Upper Sixth students, probably played their last high school matches last weekend. This is it. Most Upper Sixes will never adorn their beloved reds, purples, maroons, blues or greens for their respective schools again.

The Zim sporting class of 2013 has been a good, well-balanced one. A well-disciplined bunch of  young sportspeople who did, not only their schools but their country proud. Excellence ranged in all sporting disciplines from athletics, water-polo, swimming, rugby, hockey, soccer, rowing to cricket.

As Frontrowzim we enjoyed covering their sporting feats. We laughed with and at them. We screamed when they missed a cross or yelled when they dropped a catch. We cried and mourned the loss of young talent. We encouraged them when they were down and urged them to never give up. Frontrowzim.com interviewed them and heard what makes them tick. We learned about their discipline, their role models and their dreams.

One coach lamented that he would be losing eight players at the end of this sporting year. Not just any players but strong players from a team that dominated some of our news articles. But as is with the “circle of life” when others leave, new players will also get a chance of their moment to shine in the spotlight.

Frontrowzim wishes the sporting class of 2013 all the best in their future endeavours. We may not have profiled each and every sportsperson from the class, but we have faith that they will all go on and do well. We hope to see them in the future, adorning the stripes of their nation – Zimbabwe.

Fare thee well sporting high school class of 2013. The sky is the limit.