2013 FrontrowZim’s Schools Rugby Rankings – Top 16

# School Played Win. Avg
1 Peterhouse Boys 18 0.93
2 Prince Edward School 18 0.88
2 St John’s College 18 0.88
4 Eaglesvale Secondary School 18 0.83
4 Midlands Christian College 18 0.83
6 Churchill School 18 0.82
7 St George’s College 18 0.66
8 Hellenic Academy 18 0.61
9 Falcon College 18 0.60
10 Kyle College 20 0.47
11 Petra High School 15 0.46
12 Hillcrest College 15 0.40
13 Lomagundi College 18 0.33
14 Watershed College 18 0.33
14 Christian Brothers College 18 0.15
16 Gateway High School 20 0.08

About the math

The ranking table is based on a team’s winning average. To calculate the winning average, we divided number of matches won by the number of matches played. A draw is taken to mean half a win. For example, to calculate Allan Wilson’s winning average after using their first team games at the Cottco Schools Rugby Festival, we would divide 1 (number of wins) by 3 (number of matches played) i.e 1/3 to get 0.33 as their winning average.

Unfortunately to make the list we needed at least 10 results from a school. Matches taken into account to rank the above 16 teams include: first team games from the Cottco Schools Rugby Festival, season games for U16, 2nd Team and First Team. We awarded all teams that played in the Super 8 a 0.10 advantage in their winning averages i.e without the advantage, Kyle College’s winning average was 0.37.

As mentioned before there are teams that we believe might have made this list but for the simple reason of us not having enough confirmed results from their games, we had to leave them out and these include Milton High School, Plumtree Boys High and Allan Wilson School.

Let us know your thoughts on the rankings in the Comments section below. Did the Super 8 teams deserve a 0.10 advantage? Should we have just included teams with even two results confirmed in our records?