Zimbo Flying High In Canada

From the potholed streets of Dzivarasekwa, Harare hails a determined lad named Patrick Nhamburo. A boy who has chosen not to be limited by his environment and with the help of his family, Patrick is going places with sport. One can say he is now on a mission to outdo gravity with his jumps for the Bodwell High School basketball team in Canada.

Born to the Nhamburo’s as the only boy in a family of three, Patrick was schooled at Gillingham Primary School where he was first introduced to basketball at the age of six. Patrick’s older sister was also a basketball star and he says that helped grow his love for the sport. “Living close to a basketball court also helped in my development as I spent lots of hours there,” concedes Patrick in an interview with SSN. How we wish the City of Harare would put in place more structures like these. “I also loved soccer but I was not talented.” says Patrick.

For high school, Patrick enrolled at one of the best and oldest schools on the African continent – Prince Edward School. “I really wanted to go to Churchill for Form One but noticing my talent, my dad chose Prince Edward (PE) where he thought I would have more opportunities and it was located close to home as well.” ┬áChurchill and Prince Edward have one of the biggest sporting rivalries among Zimbabwean schools, so Patrick went on to appease the PE faithful continuing, “I got to Prince Edward and I just loved it and stopped thinking about Churchill.”

It was at Prince Edward that Patrick developed in to a star. This writer had the priviledge of watching him play at last year’s (2012) Top School’s tournament at Peterhouse Boys’ College in September. He helped PE retain their Top School’s title with sheer pace, strength and his on-point shooting.

Earlier this year, Prince Edward School recieved an invitation from Bodwell High School for a tournament to be held in January 2014. ” I did

Patrick Nhamburo taking a free throw
Patrick takes a free throw for the Bodwell Bruins

some research afterwards which led me to start talking to the coaches in Canada and they liked me,” Patrick tells us. Family support is what saw Patrick through the whole process until the day he landed in Canada. “The different setting here gives you a better understanding of basketball, we have good basketball courts, a great coach and awesome team-mates – everything one needs for basketball.

“I’m very excited to be meeting with the boys next year,” Patrick told us when we asked about Prince Edward’s visit to Bodwell. “It’s going to be a good game and may the best team win.”

SSN also managed to contact Bodwell High School’s head coach, Johnson Chui, who gave us feedback on Patrick’s performance to date. “Patrick provides on-court leadership at the point guard position. He is part of a very talented group of boys who have a record of six wins and one loss thus far. He is a good passer and has made some good plays so far this year. Patrick was this year selected as the Most Valuable Player in a tournament at Ashcroft, BC. He still needs to further develop his decision-making skills as his youthful exuberance will sometimes lead him to take unnecessary risks.