St John’s Waterpolo Results – 18 January 2014

With the current high temperatures being experienced, this last weekend was a “fitting” one for water-polo. Local water-polo fixtures were held at the St John’s College pool over two days. Friday saw the U15 boys play while the senior boys played on Saturday. Chisipite and Hellenic girls’ senior teams took part in the local fixtures on Saturday, also at the Johns pool.

Below are results of the matches played on Saturday.

Waterpolo Local Fixtures Results @St John’s College Pool
Team 1 Final Score Team 2
St John’s College U17A 8 – 2 St George’s College U17A
St John’s College 2nd 2 – 8 Hellenic Academy 2nd
Hellenic Academy 1st 9 – 1 Peterhouse Boys 1st
Chisipite Senior School U17 4 – 3 Hellenic Academy U17
Hellenic Academy 2nd 15 – 0 Prince Edward 2nd
Hellenic Academy U17A 4 – 6 Peterhouse Boys U17A
Peterhouse Boys 2nd 10 – 2 St John’s College 2nd
St John’s College 1st 5 – 4 St George’s College 1st
Prince Edward 2nd 3 – 6 Peterhouse Boys 2nd
Prince Edward U17 1 – 10 St George’s College U17A
St George’s College 1st Peterhouse Boys 1st
St John’s College U17A 9 – 1 Hellenic U17A
Chisipite Senior School 1st 3 – 0 Hellenic Academy Girls 1st
St John’s College 1st 6 – 4 Hellenic Academy 1st