All Set For Watershed Cross Country Meet

The Watershed cross country meet is set to take place tomorrow afternoon at the Marondera school. Being the first cross country event this year, the Watershed meet is guaranteed to be one of the toughest as the young athletes will still be trying to get into the rhythm of things from the festive holidays.

A total of 19 teams from 13 school will take part in the event. The teams will be split into three age groups, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 20 boys and girls. Each team can field a maximum of eight athletes per age group but only six will account for points. Points will correspond to position, for example, first place will be one point while position 15 will 15 points. At the end of the day the team with the least points will be crowned champions.

All girls teams and the Under 15 boys will navigate their way through a 4.2 kilometres course while the Under 17 boys will run the 6.5 kilometres course. The gruelling 7.4 kilometres course will be reserved for the Under 20 boys.

Girls Boys
Watershed College Watershed College
Peterhouse Girls Peterhouse Boys
Chisipite Senior School St John’s College
Gateway High School Gateway High School
Eaglesvale School Eaglesvale School
Westridge High School Westridge High School
Arundel School St George’s College
Lomagundi College Lomagundi College
Ryswick College Ryswick College
Prince Edward School