Bruce Kennedy Trophy – Results (Updated)

The Bruce Kennedy trophy takes place tomorrow (25-January-2014) at the St John’s College swimming pool.

The championship commences at 8:00 am with Hellenic and Peterhouse taking to the pool first. Earlier, St George’s and St John’s U17 teams would have started the day with a match at 7:30 am. The four teams competing for the Bruce Kennedy trophy are Peterhouse 1st, Hellenic 1st, St John’s 1st and St George’s 1st.

Below is the fixtures table for the day’s proceedings. The table will be updated with results as they become available throughout the day.

Bruce Kennedy Trophy – U19
U17 Team Tournament Fixtures
@St John’s College Pool
White Final Score Blue
St John’s College U17A 7-2 St George’s College U17A
Peterhouse Boys 1st 0-9 Hellenic Academy 1st
Hellenic Academy U17 14-0 Prince Edward U17
St George’s College1st 7-6 St John’s College 1st
Peterhouse Boys  U17 2-6 St George’s College U17
Prince Edward U17 1-8 St John’s College U17
Peterhouse Boys 1st 5-14 St John’s College1st
Hellenic Academy U17 5-3 Peterhouse Boys U17
St George’s College U17 9-0 Prince Edward U17
St John’s College U17 8-2 Peterhouse Boys U17
St George’s College U17 8-0 Hellenic Academy U17
 Peterhouse Boys 1st 1-7 St George’s College 1st
 Prince Edward School U17 No Result Peterhouse Boys U17
St George’s College1st 4-5 Hellenic Academy 1st
 Chisipite Senior U17 Hellenic Academy Girls U17
St John’s College U17 7-3 Hellenic Academy U17
 Chisipite Senior U19 Hellenic Academy Girls U19
 St John’s College 1st 5-5 Hellenic Academy 1st