Peterhouse Victorious At Watershed Meet

The two Peterhouse schools – Boys and Girls – claimed top spots at the cross country meet that took place at Watershed College in Marondera this afternoon (24-January-2014).

Some down pour was feared to disrupt the meeting but the skies cleared towards 1:30 pm, which was the starting time for the first race of the day. A total of 19 teams from 13 schools were present at Watershed to enjoy or rather endure the course. The event was Gateway’s first ever inter-schools cross country meet.

First off the blocks were the U15 girls followed by the U15 boys some five minutes later. The U17 girls and boys did not need five minutes to separate them as they went on different courses. Navigating through the longest course at Watershed, the U20 boys set off at 2:15 pm soon after the senior girls had left.

As predicted the Watershed meet proved to be a tough one as a number of athletes strolled as they crossed the finishing line while some had to be taken off the course to get some assistance from the first aiders due to cramps and sprained ankles. Overall it turned out to be a good afternoon as no serious injuries were recorded.

Of the co-ed schools present, Lomagundi College claimed top spot, 175 points ahead of the hosts – Watershed College – who were placed second.

Below is the final results table.

Position Girls Schools Boys Schools Co-Ed Schools
1 Peterhouse (148) Peterhouse (148) Lomagundi (995)
2 Arundel (425)Chisipite (425) St George’s (222) Watershed (1170)
3 Prince Edward (401) Gateway (1615)
4 Eaglesvale (1760)
5 Ryswick (1967)
6 Westridge (2043)


Position All Girls All Boys
1 Peterhouse (148) Peterhouse (148)
2 Lomagundi (362) St George’s (222)
3  Chisipite , Arundel (425) Prince Edward (401)
4 Lomagundi (633)
5 Watershed (481) Watershed (689)
6  Gateway (626) Westridge (917)
7 Eaglesvale (792) Eaglesvale (968)
8  Ryswick (996) Ryswick (971)
9 Westridge (1126) Gateway (986)