Arthur Gower and Collins Cup Results

Arthur Gower – U19
Collins Cup U17
@Falcon College Pool
Game White Final Score Blue
1 St John’s College U17 12-4 Peterhouse Boys U17
2 Falcon College U17 13-1 St George’s College U17
3 St John’s College U19 6-6 CBC U19
4 St George’s College U19 5-2 Peterhouse Boys U19
5 CBC U17 12-12 Peterhouse Boys U17
6 Hellenic Academy U17 4-6 St George’s College U17
7 Falcon College U19 11-3 Peterhouse Boys U19
8 CBC U19 4-6 Hellenic Academy U19
9 Falcon College U17 15-0  Hellenic Academy U17
10 St John’s College U17 14-1 CBC U17
11 St John’s College U19 3-8 Hellenic Academy U19
12 Falcon College U19 2-4 St George’s College U19
U17 SF1 St George’s College U17  1-13 St John’s College U17
U17 SF2 Peterhouse Boys U17  2-13 Falcon College U17
U19 SF1 Falcon College U19 7-5 Hellenic Academy U19
U19 SF2 CBC U19 6-7 St George’s College U19
U17 5th&6th Hellenic Academy U17 4-7 CBC U17
 Matebeleland U18 2-6 Mashonaland U18
U19 5th & 6th Peterhouse Boys U19 3-13 St John’s College U19
U17 3rd & 4th St George’s College U17 3-8 Peterhouse Boys U17
U19 3rd & 4th CBC U19 4-7 Hellenic Academy U19
Collins Cup Final**  St John’s College U17 9-8 Falcon College U17
Arthur Gower Final** St George’s College U19 9-10 Falcon College U19

**Game decided by penalty shoot out