Rams Date Saints On Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love the world over, and Friday the 14th is Valentine’s Day. But this particular Friday 14th will be “Derby Day” for St George’s and St Johns College basketball teams.

Fixtures and matches between the two schools are well-known for being intense and exciting. Matches are adrenalin-filled for both players and spectators. Referees have to be fit and fast in order to keep up with the pace of the game. There will certainly be “no love lost” between the boys this Friday.

Support is compulsory for all boys from both schools. Boys not participating in other fixtures on the day, are required to wear Number Ones. Come Friday, the Rolf Valley college will be a sea of red and green blazers. Neutral supporters who are undecided about which colours to adorn, can wear both red and green, but risk looking like Santa’s helpers!

Johns have been unbeaten at home thus far. The Rams beat Peterhouse Boys (45-44) by half a basket, last month. Then they won by one basket (42-40) against Falcon College last weekend. What will the final score be on Friday?

Red is the colour of Valentine. Will Georges have colour on their side? Or will Johns have home advantage? Will Panashe Bera “shepherd” the Rams to victory and defend Rolf Valley, a place where they “fear no” defeat? Or can Wolfgang Voigt “go marching in” to the Valley with the Wolves and come out victorious?