Benade Breaks Lomagundi Cross Country Record

Cool weather, muddy puddles, determined athletes and a record breaking performance are some of the things that characterised the Lomagundi College cross country meet which took place in Chinhoyi on Friday afternoon. Had the heavy downpour experienced at the college round about midday continued into the afternoon, the event would have been called off but it ceased, giving way to the runners.

All girls ran a 4.2 kilometre long course regardless of their age and so did the junior boys. The middle boys ran a 6.3 kilometres course while the Open boys embarked on a gruelling 7.2 kilometres course.

Chisipite student, A Meyer of  got back to winning ways in the junior girls division coming home in 18,21.1 minutes ahead of J Mahando and Adrianna Bruff of Lomagundi and Hellenic respectively.

Gabrielle de Chassart of Hellenic claimed 1st place in the middle girls race with 17,25.3 minutes on the clock . L Shumba of Watershed and C Davidson on Hellenic placed second and third respectively. De Chassart is the current record holder for the junior girls division but she couldn’t break the middle girls record this time around running the same course 15 seconds slower than last year. The puddles slowed her down maybe.

Chispite’s M Bell took first place in the senior girls division with a time of 17,14.9 minutes followed by A Wood and K Revolta, both of Peterhouse.

Alfred Chawonza of St George’s came first in the junior boys race while R Gore of Peterhouse took the top spot in the senior boys division with a time of 27,27.7 minutes ahead of B Nyamuzihwa of Prince Edward and T Munyoro of Chinhoyi High.

Peterhouse lad, Gideon Benade was the toast of the afternoon when he had everyone cheering him on as he came down the home stretch unaccompanied. Benade ran the middle boys race in a record time of 23,44.1 minutes. With that time he knocked off his fellow petrian’s – R Gore – record.

Fifteen schools made their way to Lomagundi for the meet. Sixteen schools were expected but Jameson High School from Kadoma couldn’t make it to Chinhoyi.