Saints Victorious In Rams’ Backyard

St George’s College beat St John’s College 47-32 to win the basketball match that was held at St John’s College on Valentines Day.

Johns were first on the scoreboard and led for most of the first quarter. However, Saints caught up, overtook them and never relinquished the lead. The game was won and lost with the free throws. Saints were guilty of missing these in the first half of the match. St John’s failed to convert their free throws when it mattered most and allowed the visitors to bully them under the hoop for rebounds. Had Johns converted most or all of the throws, the final score would have been very different.

Bera and Voigt
The two skippers, Bera (St John’s) and Voigt (St George’s) jostling for position

An ecstatic Wolfgang Voigt – the St George’s captain – said he was very happy with his team’s performance. Saints had not won a basketball match at the Rolf Valley college in “about two years” and he felt the Wolves wanted the win more. This same sentiment was echoed by Tadiwa Parirenyatwa, St John’s 2013 basketball captain, who said “Saints were hungry and wanted it more”. Parirenyatwa bemoaned that the Rams didn’t utilise their free throws.

Farai Lioga of St John’s College, said as much as the teams were evenly matched, the Johns players let the game get to their heads. Eric Banda their coach concurred, and felt the Rams should have done better. This becomes the second win on the trott for Saints as they managed to hold off the St John’s again in their last encounter played at St George’s College last term.

Charmaine Chamboko, Basketball Union of Zimbabwe Women and Youth president, who watched the game, was happy with the performance by both teams. She commended the organisation of the sport of basketball at high school level and the atmosphere that prevailed during the game.

Kudos to both teams for great sportsmanship and to both schools’ supporters who kept everyone entertained.

You can view the match gallery here.  Image © T.Mataruka/SSN.CO.ZW 2014