Arundel, Prince Edward Claim Challenge Cups

The much-awaited Prince Edward Sprints Challenge took place yesterday (February 26) afternoon at the Harare school with a total of 22 teams taking part in the event.

The highlights of the day were the short runs, 100m and 200m dash, as well as the relays. Arundel School’s Mufaro Hungwe came home first in the U20 girls 200m race, ahead of Ivy Mazhazha of Sodbury School. Arundel’s senior relay team, anchored by Hungwe, came first as well in the U20 girls 4x100m relay clocking a time of 53.37 seconds.

Mufaro Hungwe takes her team home in the U20 girls 4x100m relay with Lomagundi's Sakhile Donga in hot pursuit
Mufaro Hungwe takes her team home in the U20 girls 4x100m relay with Lomagundi’s Sakhile Donga in hot pursuit

Southern region champion, Michael Songore of Peterhouse Boys sat out the U20 boys 100m, 200m and 400m runs due to a groin injury. Songore only took part in the 4x100m relay finishing second behind Prince Edward’s Clifford Charuka, who held-on for a famous relay win for Prince Edward’s U20 boys.

The hosts held-off immense competition from Peterhouse and St George’s College to reclaim the Challenge Cup which they last won in 2011. Arundel School won the girls cup last year and didn’t have much problems retaining it this year. Their supporters did well in the stands as well, at times out-singing over 500 PE boys, from one small bench at the end of the field.

SSN spoke to skipper Mufaro Hungwe after the cup presentation and she couldn’t contain her joy. “We worked for this and it has paid off,” Hungwe told us. “I’m sure the team can maintain the high standard throughout the season.”

Asked to comment on the involvement of schools from out of town, Sebastian Garikai mentioned that it’s crucial to give these schools a chance and showcase their talent. “There is a lot of talent out there and you saw it today, Sodbury came out and they upset a lot of good teams on the track.” SSN couldn’t agree less.

Sodbury placed fourth out of the 11 girls teams at the meet behind Arundel, Peterhouse Girls and Chisipite, but ahead of big teams such as Harare Girls High and Gateway.

Please note all references to time in this report are hand times