Chisipite Lifts Mermaids Trophy

Curtains came down on the Mermaids water polo tournament on Saturday(8 February) evening at Chisipite Senior School. The hosts claimed the Mermaids trophy, emerging victors in a tightly contested last match against Hellenic after scoring three goals to Hellenic’s one.

The tournament commenced on Friday afternoon with the first game kicking of at 4:30 pm. A total of seven matches were played on opening day and 14 of Saturday. Bulawayo’s Girls College made the long trip to the capital and fared relatively well posting some wins over the weekend.

Chisipite U17 in action against Hellenic on the last day of the tourney

After all was said and done Peterhouse finished in fourth place behind Girls College in third place while Hararians, Hellenic and Chisipite finished second and first respectively.

The table below has results from all the 21 games from the Mermaids tournament as well the player of the game from each of the matches.

Mermaids Tournament – 1st Teams, U14, U15 & U17 Tournament
@Chisipite Senior School Pool
Game White Final Score Blue Player of the game
1 Chisipite U15* 15-0 Peterhouse U15A K Balneaves
2 Hellenic U15A* 6-4 Girls College U15A C Brice
3 Chisipite U17* 22-3 Peterhouse U17 J Lightfoot
4 Hellenic U17 2-9 Girls College U17* C Watson
5 Chisipite 1st* 10-0 Peterhouse 1st K Chandler
6 Hellenic 1st* 11-3 Girls College 1st N Lawson
7 Peterhouse U15 1-14 Hellenic U15* T Goldsmith
8 Girls College U15A 5-9 Chisipite U15* K Balneaves
9 Hellenic U14* 10-1 Girls College U15B J Goss
10 Peterhouse U17 3-7 Hellenic U17* T Goldsmith
11 Girls College U17 1-9 Chisipite U17* H Smith
12 Hellenic 1st* 18-0 Peterhouse 1st N Lawson
13 Chisipite 1st* 8-3 Girls College 1st B Catterall
14 Chisipite U14* 13-3 Girls College U15B D Bond
15 Girls College U15A* 17-1 Peterhouse U15 B van Der Westhuizen
16 Chisipite U15* 5-6 Hellenic U15 K Balneaves
17 Hellenic U14 2-3 Chisipite U14* L Terblanche
18 Girls College U17* 13-1 Peterhouse U17 B Rosenfells
19 Hellenic U17 2-7 Chisipite U17* J Lightfoot
20 Girls College 1st* 13-3 Peterhouse 1st K Hunter
21 Chisipite 1st* 3-1 Hellenic 1st N Wallace

*Player of the game winner’s team