Dairibord Not Amused By Fake Facebook Page

Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival
The cow that replaced the cotton balls on Jubilee field

The Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival starts next week on Monday (May 5) and as such there is a lot of talk around the festival. Some are still trying to get acquainted with the new name.

Some have laughed at the idea of kids shouting to their parents, “Mom, I’m off to Dairibord”, while others have already shortened the name to DB. It’s only a matter of time before we are all used to the new title sponsor; before you know it Dairibord will sound like a perfect fit for the festival.

However, Dairibord has a much bigger problem on its hands; an unofficial Facebook page that is giving out information described as “disgraceful” by Sandra Dodo, brand manager at Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited (DZPL). The page that can be found here currently has more likes than the Official Festival Page.

Dodo said that they had filed a complaint with Facebook, but they haven’t yet heard back from the California, USA-headquartered social media giant. “The information that is given on the fake page tarnishes our brand as Dairibord, spelt D-A-I-R-I-B-O-R-D and we are taking action to direct people to the official page,” Dodo told SSN in a telephone interview. The page was active at the time of publishing of this article and might still be active.

The post embedded below is from the unofficial page and has gone somewhat viral, with screenshots of the post appearing on Twitter as well.

Dodo added that the readers should not be misled by the fake page and all important information would be published via official means. The official page is being managed by the organising committee at Prince Edward School together with the marketing team from DZPL.

The festival fixtures will be published in the local press from Thursday, 1 May. You can find fixtures on our Dairibord Rugby Festival Fixtures page.