Dairibord Rugby Festival Mobile App Released

A festival mobile app is now available for the Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival which gets underway on 5 May at Prince Edward School in the capital.

The mobile application went live in the Google Play Store on the 2nd of May. The application is basically an information app providing fixtures and results of matches played during the week.

At this stage the application and our web page at Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival seem to be the only sources where one can get the festival’s full fixtures and results all in one place and on the go.

Dairibord Schools Rugby
Screenshots from the official festival application.

The application interface is great and easy to use. However the Lead Developer at Luminsoft – the company that developed the application – Tawanda Katsaruware said that the application is not where they want it to be in terms of features and information but that’s due to lack of adequate information such as team logos as well team rosters which some teams take forever to hand in.

One great feature that makes the application handy is it’s live scoring  function which will keep you updated of your team’s scores in real time during the match. How good this feature works is really dependent on the efficiency of the scorers at the festival as it will feed of their input.

The application is only available for phones running on the Android operating system. An issue that Katsaruware attributed to the ease of access or lack thereof to the other mobile application stores for Zimbabwean based developers. If you have an Android phone you can download the application here.

Luminsoft is a software development house based in Harare working on customised mobile solutions for the local market.