New Format For Age Group National Rugby Trials

This weekend, Harare province will host the National Rugby Trials to select teams that will represent Zimbabwe at Craven Week in South Africa later this winter.

There has been a lot of talk on how selection is not fair or rather some not so good players made the national team in the past at the expense of really good players. To remedy this, the schools rugby union has changed the format to come up with a “better” team.

In the past the selection would be done through an Inter-provincial tournament but this year the teams will be jumbled up i.e Matebeleland backline playing with Mashonaland Country Districts forwards against Harare forwards and Midlands backline.

Angus Bruce
Angus Bruce (with ball) and Eli Synman both selected for Harare A might not play a single game on the same team at the national trials this weekend.

This new format, we feel will also bring to the surface a selection criterion that was overlooked in the past; how well someone plays on a team. The implication being that the lads will need to pack their social skills and bring them along to St John’s College over the weekend.

Financial services giant, Old Mutual is the sponsoring Zimbabwe’s Craven Week teams this year. The institution will cover costs for the kit – jerseys, shirts, tracksuits – and travel as well as medical insurance. Zimbabwe Rugby Union vice president, Colleen De Jong confirmed the sponsorship from Old Mutual.

Share your thoughts with us on the new format. Do you see it working and why?