Weekend Girls Hockey Results: 13-14 June 2014

The Kyle College Girls hockey team set lit Harare up, over the weekend with an impressive 4-1 win over Peterhouse Girls at Arundel and as if that was not good enough for a day’s work they went on to beat rising stars, Hellenic Academy, 2-1 at Hellenic. Overall, Kyle College has played seven games so far with no loss and two draws.

Girls Hockey Results :13-14 June 2014
FT Score
Kyle College 4-1 Peterhouse Girls
Arundel School 3-0 Petra High School
Arundel School 4-0 Bulawayo Convent
Peterhouse Girls 1-1 Girls College
Hellenic Academy 2-1 Midlands Christian College
Kyle College 2-2 Lomagundi College
Arundel School 2-1 Girls College
Gateway High School 2-0 Petra High School
Eaglesvale School 4-0 Peterhouse Girls C
Peterhouse Girls 7-1 Midlands Christian College
Sarah Geach Shot
Arundel’s Sarah Geach attempts a shot at goal during her team’s encounter against Bulawayo Convent