Churchill Bulldogs Haka After Saints Victory

Rugby games pitting Churchill and any other team end up in two ways: A dejected Bulldogs side lying on the ground as was the case when they lost against Eaglesvale at the Dairibord Rugby Festival or Kyle at Nigel Phillip or a triumphant Bulldogs side performing the Haka.

Wednesday was one of those days when the game ended in a Haka performance as Churchill overcame St George’s at St George’s, for the first time ever since the Jeff Madhake was appointed the Bulldogs coach.

We don’t know for sure how the Haka became part of rugby culture at Churchill Boys but we are told Churchill was one of the first schools playing in the top flight schools rugby league to field a full squad with players of colour and as such they were called the “All Blacks”. With the tag came the Haka, made popular New Zealand men’s rugby team.

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