Peterhouse Girls Snatch The Gold

On Sunday afternoon, Peterhouse Girls snatched the Golden Girls title from last year’s winners, Chisipite Senior in a thrilling final. The match was played in front of a record crowd at Arundel School, with Peterhouse scoring ┬áthree goals to Chisipite’s one.

Both teams were undefeated en-route to the final with Chisipite recording all wins, while Peterhouse recorded all wins except for one draw. The Golden Girls trophy is hardley decided on form, and that fact rang true in the final as Peterhouse emerged victors.

Peterhouse was clinical in attack and well organized in defence. Despite coming into the game with better form, Chisipite was kept on the back-foot from the first whistle. The few times that the Harare girls had possession they looked potent however Georgina Cox was excellent for Peterhouse in goal.