Hellenic Lift Crusaders Shield As Chisipite Defend Players Cup

The oldest schools tournament of any sport in Zimbabwe, Crusaders Shield and Players Cup ended yesterday at Falcon College in Esigodini with Hellenic Academy Boys and Chisipite Senior Girls claiming the respective titles.The tournament has been running since 1937. As last year’s Crusader Shield champs, Falcon College were granted the privilege of hosting the prestigious tourney. With their U17 team coming off the back of a win on the road last weekend in a tourney at Chisipite, Falcon was upbeat. Home advantage helped their cause as they won their opening match 9-5 against neighbours Christian Brothers College. The hosts also enjoyed a convincing 8-2 win against Peterhouse in their second match.Eventual winners for the Crusaders Shield, Hellenic enjoyed an excellent run with victories over Peterhouse 13-2, St. John’s College 7-6, St. George’s College 8-2, CBC 9-2 and Falcon College 8-7. Chisipite also gave a convincing performance with an 11-3 victory over Girls College Bulawayo and 4-2 win over Hellenic. With the win Chisipite hang on to the Players Cup which they won last year as well at St John’s College in Harare.The tourney, which included 5 boys’ sides and 3 girls’ sides, also served as the national trials for the U19 teams to represent Zimbabwe in South Africa in December.

Results Crusaders And Players Shield 2014
Falcon College
St John’s College 5 – 9 St George’s College
Falcon College 9 – 5 CBC
St John’s College 6 – 7 Hellenic Boys
Falcon College 8 – 2 Peterhouse Boys
CBC 8 – 6 St George’s College
Girls College 1 – 3 Hellenic Girls
CBC 6 – 4 Peterhouse Boys
Falcon College 6 – 7 St John’s College
Hellenic Boys 8 – 2 St George’s College
Girls College 3 – 11 Chisipite Senior
Peterhouse Boys 5 – 9 St John’s College
St George’s College 6 – 7 Falcon College
Hellenic Boys 8 – 2 CBC
Chisipite Senior 4 – 2 Hellenic Girls
Hellenic Boys 8 – 7 Falcon College
Falcon College 14 vs 4 CBC
St John’s College 12 vs 5 St George’s College