Weekend Waterpolo Results 17-01-2015

White Blue
 St John’s U15 B 05-06 Hellenic U15 B
 Lomagundi U17 10-04 Prince Edward U17
 Prince Edward U15 A 05-02 St George’s College U15 A
 St John’s U17 B 06-03 Hellenic U17 B
 Peterhouse U15 A 08-02 St John’s U15 A
St John’s U17 B 02-13 Peterhouse U17 B
 St George’s U15 B 06-05  Prince Edward U15 B
 Hellenic U15  A 03-08  St John’s U15 A
 St John’s U17 A 06-02 Hellenic U17 A
 St George’s 1st 04-07 St John’s 1st
 Prince Edward U17 00-09 St George’s U17 A
 St John’s U17 A 07-02 St George’s U17 A
 St George’s 1st 09-05 Peterhouse 1st
 Hellenic U17 A 02-05 Peterhouse U17 A
 St John’s 2nd 05-06 Peterhouse 2nd
 Prince Edward 1st 01-11 Hellenic 2nd
 Peterhouse 1st 01-08 Hellenic 1st
 Peterhouse 2nd 00-03 Hellenic 2nd
 Peterhouse U17 A 08-01 Prince Edward U17
 St John’s 1st 05-05 Hellenic 1st
Chase Onorati passing
St John’s College’s Chase Onorati looks up to pass in the face of Hellenic’s defence