MOW: St John’s Host Fundraiser Tourney For Robert Zeelie

Mother Teresa – an individual. Helping the diseased and injured was in her blood. Her example is no easy feat to mimic. However, the St John’s Parents Committee came close as they united all involved in water polo with one goal in mind – to raise funds for Robert Zeelie. This week’s Moment of The Week(MOW) focuses on this incredible show of empathy for our fellow-man.

Brendon Brider - Khangela Zeelie
We are used to seeing coaches like Brendon Brider shouting and strategizing on the pool deck but they took it all off for Zeelie in the Khangela Zeelie 5-a-side tourney last Friday

Seventeen year old Robert Zeelie was in a horrific car accident and is in dire need of medical attention for a broken neck and spinal damage. However with the continuously rising costs of surgery, his parents are unable to fund it all. St. John’s College were quick to respond; hosting a 5-a-side Water polo tournament on Friday the 13th; with all the proceeds going towards Zeelie’s medical bill. Despite this date being superstitious for some, the community turned out in large numbers to rally behind the cause with 21 teams registering to play, and countless supporters – who would rather stay on dry land – gathering to not only support their respective teams, but also to support the Zeelie family. A fine example of ‘Ubuntu’.

You can help also help get Robert Zeelie back on his feet by donating on the Khangela Zeelie page on Indiegogo.