Fourth Place For Prince Edward Tigers in Namibia

The Prince Edward Tigers did not disappoint as they finished in a decent fourth place at the HTS Sports Festival hosted by Windhoek Technical High School from the 19th through 21st of March. The Tigers  faced the Windhoek Affies in their first encounter winning 14-05.

The winning streak continued as the Tigers  triumphed  over Dr Lemmer of Namibia; winning 15-12, and earning a semi-final seating in the process. The semi-final game proved to be a greater challenge for the Tigers as they faced Windhoek Gym, losing narrowly 00-03 and leaving them in the 3rd/4th playoff. The Zimbabweans finished fourth after going down 00-08 to Windhoek Gym.

If the way the Tigers played in Namibia is anything to go by, they have a good season coming up for them.