Zimbabwe Juniors Fare Well At All-Africa Squash

Zimbabwe’s ten member junior squash team have returned from the All Africa Squash Championships in Gaborone with mixed results.  The tournament included both group and individual competitions for the 6 boys and 4 girls from nine different Zimbabwean high schools.

In the group stages, Zimbabwe’s A team beat Botswana’s B and Namibia, before losing to South Africa’s A side in a race for the top berth in their group. Zimbabwe’s B team trailed in 7th of the eight team competition, losing to both Egypt and South Africa B before facing Botswana A for the race to come third in their group.  The Zimbabwe A side finished 4th overall, with Zimbabwe B coming 7th of the 8 teams.

Zimbabwe’s boys finished impressively mostly in the top half the individual competitions of 28 participants. Callum Lawton of Hellenic Academy finished an impressive 8th overall, with classmate Luke Mannion close behind in 10th.  Crispen Chimbowora of Prince Edward came in 11th with Damon Balmeaves of St John’s College in 14th. Ethan Porter of St George’s and Nick Joughin of Peterhouse finished 18th and 19th respectively.

Bulawayo showed strength for the girls, with Danielle Cunningham of Petra as the standout,, finishing 5th of the 17 female participants.  Fellow Bulawayan Jade Pinkney of Girls College trailed in 8th, with Carley Barton of Chisipite in 10th and Kuziva Madungwe of Arundel in 13th.

Squash is growing in popularity in Zimbabwe, especially at the younger levels, so we look forward to increasingly strong national teams in the future.