Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival 2015: Tuesday Roundup

The Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival enters Day Three tomorrow (April 29). Below is our roundup of all the fixtures played on Jubilee Field on Tuesday, the second day of the festival. You can see the second day in pictures here and all results are available here.

Watershed 19-08 Marlborough
Though Watershed College pulled off a win, the match can be regarded an upset on behalf of Marlborough, newcomers to Jubilee Field. Watershed were not only clear favourites to win, but were also expected to win the encounter by a wide margin. Marlborough showed lots of improvements in their playing structures and strategy. Given enough game time and exposure they could well register ‘proper’ upsets in the next few years.

Hillcrest 12-14 Petra
The close result of this contest makes it seem like it was just a converted try that separated these two sides but that’s far from true. Hillcrest looked set to take this match after they opened the scoring in the first two minutes off a neat run that originated in the midfield. The referee asked one of the teams to change their strip at half-time as their colours were clashing. Bulawayo’s Petra changed into a bright red strip and with that strip emerged the comeback energy that gave them the all important and somewhat historic win over Hillcrest.

Lomagundi 45-00 Ellis Robbins
Lomagundi College ran riot over Ellis Robbins from the first whistle to the last. The boys from Chinhoyi scored at will and showed decent pace on the outside. Ellis Robbins lacked continuity as their back-line squandered every clean ball that came their way from the pack.

Kyle 43-00 Allan Wilson
In another uneven encounter, Kyle College was clinical in their execution. Apart from a few slip and slides, perhaps from too much pace, they recorded just four handling errors, an exceptional stat for a schoolboy rugby side. It was an off-day for the boys in black as they simply failed to get going. At one point they had an extra man due to a Kyle yellow card, but that too failed to help them gain momentum.

St George’s 48-12 Midlands Christian College
At half time, the score stood at 17-12, and it looked like this match was going to be a true contest. Whatever it is that Coach Brendon Brider said to his boys at the break worked magic. St George’s went into overdrive in the second half and proved to be too quick for the Gweru boys. Tarisai Mapfumo of St George’s College had plenty of gas to burn and his runs that saw him score three of the four tries for his team will haunt MCC for the rest of the festival.

Eaglesvale 07-27 St John’s College
Having suffered a painful defeat at the hands of Eaglesvale during last year’s festival, St John’s had a point to prove and prove it they did. The Rams’ pivot was exceptional and got them behind the gainline often, keeping Eaglesvale on the back foot. Eaglesvale failed to gel and broken up as they were, they could not match the Rams’ physicality.

Prince Edward – Peterhouse Boys
This match did not go on as one of the Peterhouse parents was involved in a fatal accident on their way to Prince Edward for the festival. Our hearts and prayers are with the Peterhouse Group, the team and the immediate family of those involved. The Prince Edward Tigers instead played their second team in a straightforward fixture that ended 28-12 to the first team.

Churchill 07-21 Falcon
The culminating match of the day, this one was tough to call before the first whistle and was much anticipated as a huge contest that could go either way. Falcon College, however, had other plans and dominated the match from the kickoff until the end whistle. At the break, the score was 15-00 to Falcon which made for a very quiet Jubilee field. However, the Churchill faithful were handed their chance to sing and shout only for a moment when the Bulldogs went over for their sole try on the encounter.