Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival 2015: Thursday Roundup

Sora Prince Edward
The Nutriplus Prince Edward Tigers were on a rampage when they played old rivals Nashua Churchill Bulldogs

Allan Wilson 24-07 Plumtree
Allan Wilson came into the first match of the day wanting to make a statement. They didn’t make quite the statement they would have hoped for but as they say, “A win is a win” and surely a 24-07 victory is much more respectable than their 45-00 loss to Kyle on Tuesday.

Gateway High 06-12 Petra High
First upset of the day. Petra hasn’t done well in the co-ed schools rugby league over the past few years but it looks like they are set to enjoy a good run in the upcoming season. Gateway High and Hillcrest, teams that also play in the co-ed schools league, have both registered defeats against Petra at this year’s festival. On Saturday Petra faces visiting Livingstone Kolobeng College(Botswana) and will be hoping to continue their good run of form and represent the country well.

Hillcrest College 17-21 Lomagundi College
Lomagundi College won their second one in two games while Hillcrest lost their second one in two games as well. The boys from Chinhoyi are starting to look like a team you want to watch and maybe even put your money own during the upcoming co-ed schools rugby league.

Kyle College 17-07 Eaglesvale
Eaglesvale dominated all aspects of the game but wrong decisions made at the right time cost them an encounter they could have easily won. Kyle did well to counter and exploit their opponents’ mistakes. Eaglesvale went for posts from four penalties and converted none. Place kicking is something they will have to work on ahead of their last Dairibord fixture against Midlands Christian College on Saturday.

Falcon College 74-00 Watershed College
They are a lot of right things in the Falcon camp at the moment, in fact I haven’t come across anything wrong so far. It might be too early to make that call but I’ll risk it and say the boys from Esigodini are getting “the team with the most flair” award. They were merciless against Watershed as they posted the highest score at this year’s tournament thus far. While other one-sided matches become boring after the first half, Falcon and Watershed kept it tidy and exciting. Watershed never put their heads down and Falcon kept their structures and played as a team for the duration of the game.

Midlands Christian College 00-40 Peterhouse Boys
These two teams observed a moment of silence before kick-off and wore black arm-bands in memory of a Peterhouse parent, Mrs Zeederberg, who died in a car crash on Tuesday. May her soul rest in peace. MCC failed to keep up with Peterhouse’s pace out wide and Peterhouse exploited this weakness to rack in the points.

Churchill 07-24 Prince Edward
We expected this to be a contest but Churchill was really disappointing and had nothing to counter the Tigers attack. The Tigers scored 17 points against Churchill’s zero in the first half alone. A consolation try midway the second-half saved Churchill face. One song that will not be on the Bulldogs’ playlist for a while is Katy Perry’s Roar, if anything they will censor her lyrics when she sings:

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion

St George’s 10-17 St John’s College
This one could easily take the title for the match of the festival. St John’s were trailing at half-time but they came back to win 17-10. So that’s a second win for St John’s but of greater concern is that St John’s also picked up another yellow card in today’s game. Their discipline at the break down and in the tackle is something the Rams need to deal with as they go into the season. St George’s had more chances and looked stronger in midfield but handling errors on the outside saw them squander all their good opportunities.

All results and fixtures are available here.