Women’s Basketball Does Not Get The Respect It Deserves

There is something that has been on my mind for a really long time, and I think it’s time I voice it. After having been a basketball player at an all-girls school, I realised that no one really pays attention to the exhilarating sport of female basketball. I understand the argument that female basketball players can’t compete with their male counterparts: the athleticism, size and strength gap would put women at a huge disadvantage.

Nevertheless, it is not fair to say that the talent level in the boys does not translate to the girls. Unlike at female games, male games are filled with  “dunks” and “big fights,”  and the game is generally faster. As a result, female basketball players are left playing catch up to the boys, fighting for coverage and better scheduling to entice a largely disinterested audience.

Why is it that we have the Golden Girls Hockey tournament and Dairibord Rugby Festival, but there is no tournament for female basketball players that is equally significant? It is probably because no one knows enough about the sport to sponsor it. Well take my advice if you want to learn about basketball, watch a female game, it’s a cleaner game fundamentally.

Our country has several female athletes touring the world for tournaments or basketball programs, but there is little limelight given to these achievements, excluding the random Facebook posts here and there.