Centenary Weekend: Prince Edward and St George’s Clash

For many years, since 1930 to be exact, Prince Edward School and St George’s College have fiercely clashed in every winter sport bi-annually. In a two-day competition, all is on the line. For pride, for glory, both teams will take to the field with their school colours on their backs and crests on their chests.

Centenary Weekend is here again. In previous years there has never been a clear favorite going into the games. The strengths of either side lie in different sports, with Prince Edward usually winning the soccer, and St George’s standing strong in golf. However, in the “main” sports – hockey and rugby – there is always a fifty-fifty chance of victory for either team. Supporters turn up in their  numbers and the games never disappoint.

The disciplines include badminton, chess, table tennis, golf, tennis, squash, volleyball, shooting, Shuko Kai, soccer, hockey and rugby. This year, will the Tigers be turned to kittens? Or will the Dragons’ fire be put out?

N.B: All fixtures at St George’s College