Prince Edward Tigers Win On Weaver

The most highly anticipated game of the Centenary Weekend between St George’s College and Prince Edward School ended in a ┬árare win on Weaver Field for the Tigers, 34 -19 being the final score.

With Prince Edward winning the soccer standoff, and St. George’s the hockey, all eyes were on the rugby to end the rivalry deadlock. The crowd mixed with students, parents and old boys turned out in their numbers, and the echoes of their singing could be heard far beyond the playing fields.

A Prince Edward player offloads in the tackle

In the opening three minutes of the match, however, the volumes lowered as a blistering run from the Tigers’ T. Matoramusha led to the opening try of the game. This early try set the tone for a fast-paced and exciting game. Try after try left the score at 19-13 in favor of Prince Edward at the half.

The second half saw the Tigers increasing their lead after their back line play opened up the Dragons’ defence. This lead was then narrowed again after the Dragons returned the favor with a try of their own from Julianne Tafirei. However, the unsuccessful conversion left the score margin only slightly dented.

A late try by Tristan Moses put the final nail in the coffin for St. George’s as the final whistle blew to end the Centenary game at 34-19 to the Tigers.