St John’s High adds one more game to their unbeaten season

On Friday the 12th of June, the St John’s High School girls’ basketball first team played against Eaglesvale at St John’s in a match that ended with a score of 40-4 to the hosts.

The St John’s team, which has proven to be better than the top schools thus far, crushed the Eagles’ wings even though they were missing three of their top players due to injuries. The injured included captain, Danai Munjemu, Michelle Geti and Natasha Dausi.

The game began with confusion as both teams were wearing the same kit. St John’s then wore maroon bibs but it was still very hard to distinguish between them.

The game started with both teams going head to head with St John’s leading by just four points in the first quarter.


In the second quarter, Eaglesvale failed to up their game but Natalie Nyatsanza held her team with tight defence. This left the score at 13-4 by half time.

Eaglesvale celebrated their last basket of the game just before the interval while St John’s continued to pile up the points after the break. Zimbabwean player, Christelle Nyauchi converted up to five baskets in the second half which helped widen the gap between them and their opponents.

In other fixtures, Chisipite beat hosts Watershed 31-9, Arundel finally registered their first win of the season against Peterhouse with score 18-11 and hosts Convent won 23-13 against Lomagundi College.