Squash Team Finds World Champs Challenging

Zimbabwe’s three women junior squash team return from the World Squash Federation’s Women’s World Junior Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands with solid experience but no wins in either the individual or team categories.

The three person team of led by Chisipite’s Carley Barton in berth one, Peterhouse’s Shannon O’Donnovan as two and Kuzivakwashe Madungwe of Arundel in the third seat, faced stiff competition from the start of the weeklong championship that ran from 26 July through to 4 August.

Zimbabwe vs Belgium at the Worlds in Netherlands
Zimbabwe vs Belgium at the Worlds in Netherlands

In the individual competition, Barton was Zimbabwe’s strongest contender. She lost 2-11, 0-11, 1-11 to C. Wong of the USA on the opening July 26th, to C. Walser of Switzerland 0-11, 5-11, 2-11 on the 27th and to D. Krukkert of the hosts Netherlands 4-11, 0-11, 4-11 on the 28th. O’Donnovan and Madungwe were both fortunate to have a walkover and so each played two opponents in the individual competitions, but lost all matches. Nouran Gohar from Egypt won the individual championship.

Team Zimbabwe continued to the group stages 1-4 August where they faced England, Belgium, France, Guyana and finally Finland, losing all matches to end the tournament in 18th place. Team Egypt beat Malaysia in the finals to earn the championship trophy.

Competition on the world stage is fierce, and we believe that the girls from Zimbabwe have gained valuable exposure that will only strengthen them as they grow and develop in the sport.